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Some Rights Reserved By Post MemesThere has been quite a lot of information security and cyber security threats in the news recently. The sacking of Top Gear’s presenter Jeremy Clarkson was quite popular alongside a video posted of Anonymous threatening to hack the BBC website if they did not re-instate Jeremy Clarkson. The awaited return of Jeremy Clarkson didn’t happen as the executive meeting outcome resulted in him never returning.


In other news, according to the Mirror, Anonymous have released another video threatening “to inflict ‘electronic holocaust’ on Israel for ‘crimes’ against Palestine”. This appears to be another bold statement made by Anonymous as they are “threatening a cyber attack on Israel’s government servers and websites” which can be seen below:



In other news, I came across a basic guide to cyber security on The guardian which can be be found on the following link: http://bit.ly/cybersecurity-imranahmedit. This is aimed at smaller businesses, but it’s worth a read as you may gain a few ideas which you may not have thought of before. It includes a list of websites offering free online security help as well as advising what risk assessments should be carried out.


Upon further reading into security concerns, I also came across an article which stated that an amazing 30% of security professionals would pay for the return of their data, if is was stolen by cybercriminals and this is stated by the Computer Business Review.


binary-imranahmeditThese results have been obtained from a survey by ThreatTrack Security. The more valuable the data, that is stolen from a company is, the more likely that security professionals would want this to be retrieved even if it costs a large sum, as some of these companies cannot put a price on their own data because it contains sensitive information which can impact the success of their business.


PC World also appeared to point out that ThreatTrack security predicted, “Cybersecurity professional are very confident in their ability to fight data breaches in 2015” and this report can be found on the following link: http://bit.ly/threattracksecurity-imranahmedit






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