Projects by Imran Ahmed

A whole list of projects by Imran Ahmed that have been undertaken since September 2012 are shown below:

Footy Fit – Digital Fitness Project:    February 2015 – Present

Footy-fit logo | Projects by Imran Ahmed

This project is an App designed for sports fitness and is currently a work in progress. I have currently joined an existing team with my Advanced Web Design lecturer (Alex Fenton) and some of my colleagues on my University course. My role as Head of IT security & strategy is to ensure the project can handle rigorous testing and is robust enough to handle a number of users simultaneously and also ensure that all user data is kept safely and securely.

Teach4U:    October 2014 – January 2015

Teach4u logo | Projects by Imran Ahmed
Teamed up with colleagues on my University course as part of a Tech competition to create an innovative idea which was an App aimed to connect nursery teachers and help plan lessons as well as create a collaborative discussion dashboard.

We entered into Competition and were chosen as part of the final 6 to pitch at Media City UK in which we were unsuccessful to gain the 1st place title, but we managed to attract intrigued investors.

Colleagues of mine that were involved with the project with me are below:

Dean Jay rigby –
Hakeem Akparibo –
Muhammed Zaulifqar –

Dig-It-Tell – Information Security:    October 2014 – December 2014

Dig-It-Tell logo | Projects by Imran Ahmed

The aim of this project was to produce a Digital Artefact for Dig-It-Tell School Care Services (a made-up company), to train staff in schools about a specific area of information security as they started to adopt biometric security. This had to include; legislations, security standards, risks and all scenarios that could help explain the topic clearly to a non-technical audience and provide guidance on what employees should do to anticipate and / or address the issue. I decided to use Prezi and showed all my research and knowledge that I gathered which can be seen in the presentation below:

Missguided:     December 2014 – January 2015

Missguided logo | Projects by Imran Ahmed

During Christmas time, the company had a review of the current processes and were in need of an update. I analysed the existing process and managed to figure out a more secure and more efficient method to handle online fraud checks for customers to reduce chances of fraud and to ensure that customer’s orders are processed as smoothly as possible.

Additionally, I introduced a well structured Courier Queries process to handle missing parcels in the quickest way possible including launching investigations directly with couriers and tracing missing parcels to try and balance high quality with speed in order to establish positive relationships between the company, the courier service and the customers.

Almond Solicitors:    July 2014 – August 2014

Almond Solicitors logo | Projects by Imran Ahmed

After obtaining a summer placement as Head of IT, my web design talent was worked upon when I re-created the Almond Solicitors website. This was my first WordPress site I created and this enabled to me dabble in PHP coding. This was a professional website which I hand-coded and was fully responsive. I also added contact forms for potential Personal Injury clients which helped increase online leads and website traffic. I also updated social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Google+ using Hoot-suite which helped manage the different channels more efficiently.

Adding to this, my IT assistance role has rigorously tested my project management skills as I have also acted as an IT project manager when handling numerous issues in a structured manner and resolved each one to a high standard.  Networking skills including Servers, Routers and switches have also been part of my role. I am currently in the process of optimizing the SEO on the Almond Solicitors’ website to help increase visitors further and increase the company’s on-line presence.

Halifax Cars:    June 2014 – July 2014

HXcars logo | Projects by Imran Ahmed

After building a few websites, my web coding skills were pushed further when I had to learn basic PHP to make a site that could be easily updated and maintained by the site owner. This was done by adding an Advanced Custom Fields plugin and I PHP coded the relevant pages to echo what an admin user would input into the corresponding field within the back-end database.

Salford Lads Club:    June 2014

Salford Lads Club logo | Projects by Imran Ahmed

After positive feedback from the Princes Park Garden Centre, I was tasked with aiding administrative tasks for the office to make them more organised and much quicker. I analysed the current process that was being used and looked into how each task could be made more efficient thus saving unnecessary workload. I ended up implementing a custom Excel formatted Macro sheet to enable the employees to generate letters instantly and to calculate bills (with and without VAT). I also explained the best methods of archiving old data and keeping new data in suitable folders for ease of access. This was another successful project which helped improve overall satisfaction and helped increase productivity within the workplace. I recently found they had briefly posted about this on BitConnect.

Enterprise Rent-a-car:    February 2014 – May 2014

Enterprise logo | Projects by Imran Ahmed

We worked as a team in Project Management to write a Business proposal on how Enterprise Rent-a-Car could create and implement a National Training Programme for 4,500 employees in the North West from start to finish.

This project ensured that I utilised my project management skills as I prioritised tasks in order of importance as well as creating a risk assessment alongside a budgeting plan.

In the final presentation to the Enterprise Rent-a-Car employee, he took our ideas aboard as we got the highest mark compared to the other 15 teams as we covered every area within the project. The reason we were not given full marks was because “There is always room for improvement in Project Management!”

Jekyll & Hyde:    April 2014

Jekyll and Hyde logo | Projects by Imran Ahmed

After fellow colleagues had trouble re-designing a website for a clothing company, they asked me to assist and so I took over this project completely and hand-coded the whole website according to the owner’s specification. This was another successful project which was introduced from University of Salford Business School.

Princes Park Garden Centre:    October 2013 – March 2014

Princes Park Garden Centre logo | Projects by Imran Ahmed

Princes Park Garden Centre (PPGC) was an organisation with very little technical knowledge. The main factor that helps this organisation differentiate itself from others is that they employ a large number of disabled people with all types of illnesses to help uplift their spirits and allow them to show that they are capable of working. This was truly inspiring for me and other colleagues of mine who volunteered to help them reach a wider digital audience.

My role was to analyse the current use of social media and the traffic on their existing website.
After showing all the recommendations that were required, I began to work on target keywords that needed to be implemented and worked on brand new designs for the website. I also integrated social media with the website and updated it regularly to show how this positively impacted website traffic. Marketing leaflets and posters were also designed to promote the PPGC as it was not easily noticeable to passers by. As a result, this increased the number of customer and online visitors for the organisation which helped provide extra income for them as they were just getting by with funding from Salford City Council.

After working with the people at PPGC, I felt truly inspired and felt more positive about my own capabilities as I was able to uplift the spirit of so many disabled people who relied on me which made all the hard work worthwhile.

Salford Disability Forum Ltd:    November 2013 – February 2014

Salford Disability Forum logo | Projects by Imran Ahmed

Alongside the Princes Park Garden Centre and studying in my Second year at University of Salford, I also volunteered to help out the Salford Disability Forum by providing a wide variety of ideas to improve their website and their social media networks to help channel more visitors and try to enhance the audience they currently receive.

This was also successful as it helped me learn and also teach interpersonal skills to those I worked with during the course of the project.

UK Debt Control:    November 2013 – January 2014

UK Debt Control logo | Projects by Imran Ahmed

Working for a start-up Debt management company, I was provided with the full responsibility of developing the website to make it stand out and be clear to potential customers. I used web design skills that I learnt at University (HTML & CSS) and ensured that I took a user-centered design into account to give customers the best potential experience they would receive on a website.

I also utilised my skillset in Microsoft Office, in particularly MS Excel. I designed and fully implemented a fully functioning CMS from scratch which safely stored clients’ details as well as providing features to help save the company hours of manual labour including very complex calculations, keeping track of payments and also generating automatic letters to debtors and clients.

Portal Tech – “A Gateway To A New Era”:    September 2012 – March 2013

Portal Tech logo | Projects by Imran Ahmed

Produce a viable business idea to be presented to module tutor by the end of the year, working in a group of 6. Our idea was essentially to improve and innovate the average household appliances by introducing wireless charging which can help reduce use of wires and allow appliances to be moved where required without taking plug socket locations into account.

Another advantage to was reduce energy bills as there would be a solar powered plate built into the roof which would have one main conductor that powers the rest of the appliances.

How may you ask was our product innovative? our USP, wirelessly powered devices by embedding Wi-Tricity’s technology within our products.

We found this project to not only be valuable, but also enjoyable as it tested our interpersonal skills as well as how each of us worked within a team effectively and the roles we carried out to make this project a success.

Projects by Imran Ahmed

Projects by Imran Ahmed