About Imran Ahmed

Security image|About Imran AhmedThis page is all about Imran Ahmed and how he became interested in Information Security. Imran has always had a passion for fixing problems, especially computers since a young age. This hobby eventually evolved into him researching and testing out different types of network security. Due to the increasing rate of cyber-attacks, he realised that it was only going to get worse and wanted to be a solution to this instead of a problem and so he began by increasing his information security awareness level.


IT security thumbprint|About Imran AhmedAs Imran Ahmed’s IT skills are kept updated, his knowledge of Information Security has also increased and his interest in this area is the reason he aspires to be an Information Security professional. He has also studied Information Security standards including ISO27001 and ISO27002 from his Business IT course at The University of Salford and he is looking to be BCS accredited in the near future as well as other IT Security qualifications such as CompTIA Security+.


Being an IT consultant at Almond Solicitors and learning about Information Security from University and doing thorough research has helped Imran Ahmed to implement some of these practices to help provide a safer working environment for his fellow employees.

Imran Ahmed also wishes to carry out a Master’s degree in Information Security from September 2015 to enable him to become more aware and capable of securing Information from unauthorised users. This is because one day a user may try to unlawfully obtain some information about Imran Ahmed and he wishes to be prepared to combat such attempts. He also wishes to progress this further as his interest is also in securing IT systems with an ultimate goal of defeating hackers who attempt to cause damage to people and businesses.