Aspiring for a Career in Information Security

The purpose of this site is to promote and develop the online presence of myself Imran Ahmed in order to assist me in pursuing my ambition of achieving a career in Information Security. This website should help showcase many of my skills and show projects that I have been involved with to demonstrate my capabilities and understanding of Information Security.

Below, you can see a summarized slideshow showing my professional journey so far throughout the course of my IT career.

I am currently a final year undergraduate at the University of Salford studying Business with IT, so I am in the market for various IT opportunities but Information Security roles would be primarily interesting for me. I have looked into roles such as an Information Security Consultant / Analyst as I want to be an Information Security Professional and this is due to the rising number of Information Security threats that occur daily.

This website also hopes to drive traffic from professionals in the Information Security sector so it can act as a platform for discussing and sharing security advice with like-minded individuals on a professional level.

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