MSc Information Security postgraduate currently working as IT Manager at a Law Firm

The purpose of this site is to promote and develop the online presence of myself Imran Ahmed in order to assist me in pursuing my ambition of achieving a successful career in the IT industry and being able to help businesses to thrive.

I am an extremely ambitious IT professional who has extensive experience in the IT industry as well as the Legal industry. I completed a Master’s degree in Information Security at the University of Salford in 2016 to complement my capabilities. To develop and achieve my ambitions I seek out and enjoy opportunities to learn new skills in different situations to understand and use them effectively. My enthusiasm, tenacity and willingness to seek out guidance with my work allow me the chance to accomplish all objectives to my highest standards. In addition to this, by planning and organising my study, social life and working life I can be more flexible with time so I am able to commit to overtime at short notice during busy periods.

Having a chapter of my Forensic Cloud Apps research published in a 2017 book gave me further confidence in my abilities to work hard to achieve my goals especially when working with others. My polite interpersonal skills allow me to communicate effectively to understand directions from seniors and communicate well with my peers.

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